Independence Day of Indonesia

The Independence Day of Indonesia was officially proclaimed on 17th August 1945 at 10.00 a.m. sharp on Friday. It is a very big event for the people of Indonesia. Preparation for this day start weeks ahead before the 17th of August. All high-rise office buildings around town, shops, schools are decorated with large banners and lighted designs. Fences around the presidential palace and many government offices are draped in red and white streamers. The malls are all decorated in red and white and hold Independence Day sales for the people. Lots of money is spend by the city administration to create a unique series of red and white lighted decoration.
The President and Vice President hoists the national flag of Indonesia at the National Palace which is televised live for all the people to watch. The whole town glitters in red and white and the all over one can see the words ‘Dirgahayu RI’ or ‘Long live Indonesia!’ It’s a national holiday for the Indonesian people were all citizens and even tourists visiting the island can celebrate to their hearts content.

A popular game, ‘Panjat Pinang’ is played by the people. Here palm trunk is erected in a public area which is well greased with a mixture of clay and oil. Various prizes in the form of bikes, TVs, umbrella, instant noodle, iron, fan etc are hung at the top and kids and even grownups climb over each other struggling to reach the goal. In the end there are a lot of slippery, muddy kids and grownups all happy and smiling after their exercise of fun. A good time is even had by the crowd watching the gaiety.

- draped (v): dihias
- hoists (v); menaikkan
- Independence day (n): hari kemerdekaan
- proclaimed (n): memproklamirkan
- slippery (adj): tergelincir
- patriotic day (n): hari bersejarah
- gaiety (n): kegembiraan
- spend (v): dihabiskan
- unique (adj): unik, khas
- glitters (v): bergemerlapan
- grownups climb (n): pemanjat pinang
- muddy (adj): lumpur.

Source : Santunan Jadid, August, 2011
Tag : Education
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