How to Make your Blog Search Engine Friendly

1.  Optimize Your Blog Title and Url

Your blog title and url matters a lot specially when you are a newbie. Your blog title and url should contain your blog keywords that you wanna rank for. Without those keywords in your blog title and url you can not imagine to get your blog posts ranked high in the search engines. For some professional bloggers their url or other things would not matter much but as a newbie you must make sure that you blog title and url are search friendly. Your Blog title and url are very crucial to rank you well in the search engines.

2. Write High Quality Content

High quality content is the key to success and high quality content also ranks better in the search engines. Search engines loves great new innovative and fresh content.
The more fresh content your write on your blog either for the sake of search engines or your visitors the more your blog will start getting indexed by the search engines and will have higher chances to stand for a keyword on a good position and will become the source of consistent traffic for your blog. Your blog with quality keyword will give you traffic even when you are not updating your blog or are on holidays.

3. Blog Categories and Tags

Once you have optimized your blog for keywords the next step you should do is to categorize your blog poster under your respective keywords. The better your blog and the posts will be optimized and maintained under certain categories the better it will rank for the keywords in the search engines.
Blog tags also plays importance in optimizing your blog for the search engines. Before hitting the publish button on your blog posts make sure you are tagging all your blog posts to their respective categories. This will not only increase search engine traffic to your blog but it will also increase your page views because users will easily able to find anything they want to using respective keywords it will also make your blog user friendly.

4. Build Backlinks

Building backlinks is an important aspect of off page seo optimization. There are a number of ways to build backlinks to your blog. The most popular ways of building backlinks are guest posting , Blog commenting , directory submission , participating in forums , article submission to directories using communites like blogengage. If you have good writing skills then it is always better to give guest blogging a try because it not only helps in better seo but it also helps you to increase your rankings like page rank , domain authority and more. You should also give priority to blog commenting for link building mainly on the blogs with commentluv enabled blogs because these blogs also links to your latest posts and that will help to increase serps ranks.

5. Ping Search Engines

Pinging is a great aspect and i just love it because it helps to let the search engines know when your blog is updated. By pinging you can inform search engines whenever there is a new update at your blog.  There are a lot of ping services which you can use to ping search engines whenever you have a new update in your blog below are some of the good ones that i use.
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