Do you know shoes? Of course everyone in the world knows about shoes but do we ever think about shoes? Or do we think shoes are boring? For most of you shoes are just something you wear on your feet. But for some shoes are almost an obsession.

So for most people we consider shoes as a wonderful, fashionable accessory right. Well what if you didn’t have shoes? Had to walk everywhere bare footed. That is how it is for the people from the Tsunami Tragedy in Aceh and most of the children in Ethiopia have to live everyday.
Shoes have been around for a long time. Possibly even 40,000 years. Back then I am sure things were much simpler. They only used one material and only made one style. They were just something to protect our feet not something to decorate our feet. The interesting story is a long time ago, people used to throw shoes at the bride and groom after the wedding because they thought it was a good luck. Some people still tie shoes to the back of the married couple’s car.
Strange things happened at Anglo-Saxon weddings. The bride’s father used to give his daughter’s shoes to the groom. Then the groom used to touch the bride’s head with these shoes. This meant that the father no longer owned his daughter, she now belonged to the groom.
Until recent years, shoes were not worn by most of the world’s population—largely because they could not afford them. Only with the advent of mass production, making shoes available very cheaply, has shoe-wearing become predominant.

Source : Santunan Jadid, October, 2011
Tag : Story
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