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libido problems, you need to look deeper role each partner, that are causing potential problems in marriage May. This is done through consultation with a sex therapist jeokjeolhanwa most preferably certified. However, there are things that couples can sit. Joy Davidson, PhD, teacher sex, psychologists, counselors and therapists in the New York City-based director of the American Association to discuss the following recommendations.
1. What kind of a partner to run less libido?
Is there really more motivation to be sexual? What is different about the preparation time? That, to make the analysis, and conditions.
For you and your partner
active sexual partner?
Three different kinds of reasons drive
2. Do not play?
“There are people who know what they are,” said Davidson. “You can not do? Share Partner’s’ What you have done in your mind or read the website of the sex toy sex sexual slur you find a different way of seeing? Lack of routine way?” Low libido can be restricted views. “If you are excited by the question could be understood that the fair sex,” said Davidson. Perhaps you’ve raised in the report need to type something dirty or shameful to work through their feelings of experts. She says, “Sex and the negative attitude” “This will be repressed sexuality.”
3. What happens outside the bedroom What?
-basically “material” or what are your adviser Michael Krychman, MD, FL, Southern California Center for Sexual Health and survivors, California. Managing Director, what’s going on outside the room, you can see what that phone. For example, I say: “I’ve had a couple at home, such as message passing, in another room,” What did you take the dive have to wonder if your sex life.

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