How to Make Fried Rice Is The Most Easy And Delicious

Rice is the staple food of Indonesian people almost every day for sure you eat using rice. And if you get tired of eating using rice as generally you can try other alternatives to eat rice. That is by frying the rice so that it becomes a fried rice. How to make fried rice was delicious and also favors fairly easy. You can learn and try the recipe below later. So you can enjoy your own homemade fried rice with family or close friends.
Materials make fried rice

     White rice (2 plates)
     Eggs (3 points / optional)
     Salt to taste)
     Onions (3 cloves)
     Garlic (2 cloves)
     Leeks (1 stick)
     Cayenne pepper (to taste)
     Pepper (to taste)
     Right amount of oil)
     Tomato sauce (to taste)
     Supplementary (chicken, sausage, meatballs, shrimp / optional)

How to make fried rice

Prepare a frying pan and pour the cooking oil to taste, and heat over medium flame.
After the hot oil inputs onion, garlic and chilies until fragrant ripe and smelly.
Put supplement ingredients according to your taste, mix well and mature.
Put the eggs and scrambled until cooked.
Put white rice and stir until mixed with all the ingredients.
Add the tomato sauce, salt, pepper until all well blended.
If you already smell fragrant and ripe, lift the rice and serve it on a plate.
In order for the egg fried rice looks interesting specials should inlaid with sliced ​​tomatoes or the other according to your taste.
Fried rice ready to serve.The special egg fried rice ready to be served at the dinner table as a menu breakfast or dinner with the family. Very cool once if eating fried rice together - the same as it can add to your appetite. Similarly, a few steps or how to make special fried rice is easy and you can try at home.

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